Jan Sammut ICO Launch Malta

Our CEO, Jan Sammut, presented a talk at Affiliatefest 2018 London entitled “Technology Focus: Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain. What does it really mean for affiliate business?”

Jan is the founder and CEO of RefToken, the world’s first decentralised affiliate platform. RefToken eliminates skimming, fraud, withheld payments, and other negatives which have plagued affiliate marketing since the very beginning.

Jan talked about the latest AI trends and detailed exactly what blockchain means for the iGaming and Affiliate industries. His in-depth presentation detailed innovative affiliate business growth strategies for 2019. Jan then held an open forum Q&A to answer individual questions about the technological innovations that will most profoundly impact the affiliate industry in 2019.

Jan believes strongly that “The marriage of blockchain and affiliate marketing will become mainstream within three years. Affiliates should be looking at blockchain technology’s potential to enable growth scaling with minimal impact on short-term ROI. Affiliate marketing will be much less dependent upon centralised platforms. The coming wave of disintermediation of transactional data will make the industry much more transparent for affiliates and vendors. It will also enable pinpoint accurate data analysis in real time.”

Jan continued, “Better targeted messaging to hyper-niche audiences will result in a better conversion for operators and affiliates alike. Blockchain technology will help to standardise reporting conventions and KPI calculation methodologies. It will promote cross-organisational cooperation on the identification of bad actors.”

At Affiliatefest London, Jan networked with some of the world’s top affiliates, affiliate managers, advertisers, OPM/agencies, solution providers, and reps of affiliate networks, in addition to high-level decision-makers including influencers, media owners, technology firms, traffic sources, online publishers, brands, and other solution providers. Attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors came from over 80 countries.

Jan noted that “There is no substitute for being here to build face-to-face relationships and demonstrate your product or service. At Affiliate Summit you can show key decision makers in the space what you’ve got and what they’re missing.”