ICO Launch Malta Named as Technical Partners to the Crypto Price Index Project

ICO Launch Malta are proud to announce that we’ve been appointed technical partners of The Crypto Price Index Project, or ‘CPI’ for short. The CPI project, which has won endorsements from members of two Emirati Royal Families, who have taken seats on the board, are launching on our proven, audited, and battle-tested DeFi Product Stack. CPI will allow users to participate in the often volatile cryptocurrency markets in a more stable manner through their proprietary index coin called the CPI200 token. 

The CPI200 token, linked to the value of the top 200 digital assets, provides exposure to the broader cryptocurrency market through a single token. For non-tech savvy users, who may be wary about purchasing, storing, and managing a diverse portfolio of assets, the CPI200 token is a perfect way to participate in the digital asset markets. The CPI index functions similarly to the Dow Jones Industrial Average, providing an insight into the leading blockchain projects without digging into each one individually. 

ICO Launch Malta have joined CPI as technical partners, to assist in the delivery of tokenomic design and platform launch. The CPI project was established by CEO Herbert Law and Co-Founder Scotty Crandlemire; who identified a huge market opportunity for a simple and trustworthy source of accurate crypto pricing data. 

The CPI platform will offer users a fully auditable, transparent and censorless vehicle in which to participate in the broader crypto markets. Users will be able to verify the collateralisation of their CPI200 tokens, whilst maintaining full (and sole) custody of their holdings – two of the major founding principle of the decentralised finance movement. 

To maintain an appropriate asset peg, the CPI API uses a complex algorithm to track and calculate the average top 200 crypto assets by market capitalization. Similarly, service partners will be able to integrate with the CPI API to provide accurate crypto pricing data, enabling to-the-second resolution. 

The CPI token pre-sale, which is available to participate in now, is accepting contributions in Ether. The private pre-sale offers 5% of the total token supply, before a further 53% of the tokens are released for sale during an initial exchange offering with the ZBX exchange.  

Our CEO, Jan Sammut, remarked: “We are very excited that the CPI Project have chosen our platform, and named ICO Launch Malta as technology partners. As a project, CPI is aligned with our ethos of democratising financial products, and creating a trustless peer-to-peer financial landscape. We are thrilled to welcome them as one of our clients. 

At ICO Launch Malta, we have assisted multiple successful blockchain and cryptocurrency projects launch their token sales or platforms, offering our expertise in the decentralized computing space to assist with the often complex requirements which DeFi projects demand. 

We now look forward to working through the next chapter alongside CPI token, and we are very excited about the future of the Crypto Price Index project.