The key to ICO success is knowing how to choose the best ICO launch platform. Though each ICO is unique and, in some ways, revolutionary, the one commonality is that ICOs that reach their soft cap, get listed on a cryptocurrency exchange, and achieve liquidity start the road to success on the best ICO launch platform.

The first question, then, for anyone contemplating an ICO project is, “How to choose the best ICO platform.” You’ll soon notice that everywhere you look you see Ethereum at the center. Ethereum — the world standard for stable and secure smart contract functionality, with an enormous and passionate developer community — is the ideal blockchain technology platform on which to launch an ICO.

The best ICO launch platform will encompass a full stack checklist of all the stages of your token generation event, including technology, fundraising, legal, marketing, landing page, white paper, ICO launch and completion, and listing the token on exchanges to achieve liquidity.

Full-stack ICO launch platform services include:

• Building a tokenomic model which validates the project’s need for its own token on a blockchain
• Devising a robust tokenomic strategy that supports token price stability
Smart contract programming
• Token configuration, auditing, functionality battle-testing, and minting by a team of in-house blockchain developers
White paper preparation with a roadmap and a description of technological, commercial, and funding principles
ICO Multi-channel marketing
• Whitelisting and integrated implementation of KYC and AML checks
• Establishing a robust multi-signature ERC-20 compatible wallet to secure funds raised
Wire transfer management
Affiliate, airdrop, and bug bounty program creation and management with automated tracking and payouts
• Custodial and other security of funds including escrow service by a licensed government fiduciary agency
SAFT with a clear and conservative path to compliance with current securities laws and regulations

Malta, the “Blockchain Island,” is the ideal place to find the best ICO launch platform due to its fully-formed and light-touch ICO regulation, low taxation, and EU and Eurozone membership. Besides having the world’s most friendly ICO regulatory environment, Malta is trailblazing blockchain use cases beyond cryptocurrency applications. The Maltese government believes that blockchain can help transform the country’s transportation, legislative, and education systems. Maltese minister for transportation, Dr. Ian Borg, recently stated that “Blockchain technology is a key part of our overall national technology strategy that will see us transform different sectors across government.”

The rewards for hiring a Malta ICO launch platform can be immense. Investor confidence is the key to ensuring that you achieve your soft cap, so include details of your engagement with your Malta ICO launch platform in your ICO literature.

Everything considered, Malta is the obvious country in which to choose the best ICO launch platform. Given the amounts of money involved and the risks to reputation, choosing a Malta ICO launch platform is a very cost-effective way to ensure ICO success.