Jan Sammut, ICO Malta CEO, will be a featured speaker at Affiliate Insider’s AffiliateFEST 2018 in London on September 19th. Jan is a fixture on the European blockchain conference tour and has advised ICOs with market caps exceeding $1B.

Jan Sammut, CEO of ICO Malta and RefToken, speaking at a blockchain conference

Jan will talk at AffiliateFEST 2018 about affiliate marketing’s developing relationship with blockchain technology from the vantage point of a professional working in both industries simultaneously. In addition to being CEO of ICO Malta, Jan is CEO of RefToken, the world’s first blockchain-based affiliate marketing platform.

RefToken is a decentralised platform that leverages blockchain and smart contract technology to optimise affiliate marketing scalability and profitability for both affiliates and vendors. RefToken eliminates skimming, fraud, withheld payments, and other negatives which have plagued the affiliate marketing industry since the very beginning.

“This is a harsh wakeup call for the performance marketing industry,” Jan said, “RefToken is a revolutionary blockchain-based decentralised platform that democratises the tools that the affiliate industry uses every day. Influencers, news sites, and media houses possess one of the most under-utilised assets in the modern economy – high intent user traffic. They spend enormous amounts of money creating content relevant to their audience, only to receive a pittance in return for displaying tangentially relevant display ads from middlemen like Taboola and Outbrain. On the other side of the fence, the brands hoping to leverage these networks have their budgets decimated by ad fraud. RefToken eliminates the inefficiencies that arise from the current model of marketing agencies and ad platforms. We aim to supercharge the efficacy of performance marketing by leveraging smart contracts to execute and enforce payments between content creators and brands.”

Jan expects that the marriage of blockchain and affiliate marketing will become mainstream within three years, enabling better targeted messaging to niche audiences that will result in better conversion for operators and affiliates alike. This coming wave of disintermediation of transactional data will make the affiliate industry much more transparent for both affiliates and vendors.

Historically, affiliates signed up to merchant’s programs on a merchant-by-merchant basis, requiring the affiliate marketer to log in and out of each merchant’s program, export data to compile comparative reports, and manage multiple logins. RefToken’s platform allows affiliates to sign up, compare, and manage each deal from a single dashboard. RefToken’s integration with ad APIs such as Google AdWords and Facebook will enable affiliates to compile end-to-end ROI reports and identify where they’re best investing their media spend.

Merchants can browse through a segmented directory of RefToken affiliates and offer them deals. Whereas merchants currently rely on private groups on social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Skype to compare notes on individual affiliates, RefToken enables cross-organisational cooperation in the identification of malicious actors and the promotion of the best affiliates.

Blockchain technology will allow merchants to rapidly acquire new users while eliminating the risk associated with writing large up-front payments to marketing agencies that may or may not deliver positive ROI. Blockchain will break down barriers between merchants and content creators, eliminating the middle-men that price out smaller players by erecting artificial protocols that impede competition. RefToken will be the platform that enables the affiliate marketing industry to leverage blockchain technology.