ICO Malta will showcase its pioneering turnkey ICO platform at the Malta Blockchain Summit 2018 exhibition floor on November 1st and 2nd. Please visit us at booth #18 near the entrance to the InterContinental Arena Conference Centre, just past the Investors Lounge and the registration desk:

Malta Blockchain Summit – ICO Malta booth 18

A plethora of crypto sector businesses, all dedicated to moving blockchain technology-driven products and services forward, will be welcomed by the 5000+ people in attendance, including dozens of crypto luminaries and top representatives of Malta’s forward-thinking government. Malta Prime Minister Joseph Muscat will deliver the keynote speech. The Malta Blockchain Summit, Europe’s biggest crypto event of the year, is vying for the title of ‘Greatest Blockchain Show on Earth. Don’t miss it!

Summary of Malta Blockchain Summit 2018 Calendar

October 31 Wednesday
  1. Early check-in: Attendees can beat the long Thursday morning queue and get their delegate badge on Wednesday with early check in at the InterContinental Lobby.
  2. Blockchain Hackathon: Two-day challenge starts with 200 blockchain developers competing.
  3. Malta Blockchain Awards: Charity dinner and awards night at the InterContinental Hotel giving attendees early access to networking opportunities.
November 1 Thursday

Regulatory Conference; Opening Keynote at 9:10 am, followed by these presentations in order:

  1. Malta Government Incentives for Start-ups
  2. Regulatory Foresight: Protecting the Consumer without Stifling the Advancement of Technology
  3. Blockchain Regulation
  4. Welcome to the Blockchain Island, Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister Malta
  5. Survey Results: Malta Attractiveness for Blockchain
  6. Battle of the Jurisdictions – Malta, Bermuda, Singapore, Zug and Gib
  7. Leveraging Multiple Jurisdictions to Achieve ICO Nirvana
  8. Malta: The Right Country Where to Setup Your Blockchain Business. A Tax Perspective
  9. The New Decentralised Globe
  10. Criminal Liability in the Crypto Space
  11. Your Code Counts: Authentic Code for ICO’s
  12. Who Rules? Sovereign Governance, Will BC Replace Contemporary Government
  13. Transparency vs the Right to be Forgotten
  14. ICO Pitch Competition Part 1

Marketing & Investment Conference; Opening Keynote at 5 pm, followed by these presentations in order:

  1. Crypto Law and Marketing
  2. Fraud Detection and Avoidance Strategies
  3. The ICO Show: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  4. How to Prepare a Blockchain Startup for Traffic Acquisition
  5. ICO Marketing Battle Plans
  6. Financing Instruments for Blockchain
  7. ‘Re-inventing Hollywood’ – How Blockchain will Democratise, Decentralise and Disrupt the Entertainment Industry
  8. Developing and Regulating Blockchain and Crypto Activities
  9. Reigniting the Commonwealth
  10. Investing in Blockchain
November 1 Friday

Devs & Technology Conference; starts at 9 am, with these presentations in order:

  1. Use of Smart Contracts in dApps Development
  2. Permissioned vs Permissionless Blockchains
  3. Blockchain, Distributed Computing and the Science of Cryptography
  4. Holistic Solutions for the Blockchain Island
  5. The Blockchain of Things
  6. Marrying AI to the Blockchain
  7. Transforming Industries Through Blockchain Innovations. Challenges, Opportunities and Successful Projects
  8. Querying Data External to the Blockchain
  9. Consensus: What Lies Beyond Proof of Stake
  10. Is Your Business Blockchain-able
  11. Centralised vs Decentralised Exchanges
  12. The Dark Side of the Chain
  13. ICO Pitch Competition Part 2

Tokenomics & Cryptos Conference; starts at 5 pm, with these presentations in order:

  1. The European Union and DLT
  2. The Importance and Challenges of Token Economics
  3. Are the Days of Traditional Exchanges Numbered? The Rise in Crypto Trading.
  4. Banking on Bitcoin. Can Banks Evolve in Time and Embrace this Revolution?
  5. ICOs and AML
  6. Taxing ICOs, Tokens and Coins
  7. Token Modeling
  8. Post ICO: with Millions in the Bank, What’s Next?
  9. Investing in Blockchain / Renaming it or Repurpose / Investing in Crypto

Knights of Blockchain: VIP Dinner at 6 pm
Crypto Cruise at 8 pm
Closing Night Entertainment starting at 10 pm

November 3 Saturday

Champagne Brunch at 12 Noon