Your All-in-One ICO Command Centre

ICOMalta token sale platform

A turn-key solution for your ICO launch, our feature-rich ICO platform includes seamless investor onboarding, integrated KYC-AML procedures, multi-signature wallets to safeguard investor funds, full brand customization, live chat integration, multiple payment method support, affiliate tracking, reporting and more; all accessible through a single intuitive platform.

You can think of our ICO platform as your tokensale’s command centre, where you can track payments, approve new customers, provide live support, and take charge of your ICO effortlessly; providing you with valuable time and resources to focus on further development.

Read our full range of features below, which our leading ICO platform can offer your business.

Key ICO Platform Features

Simple Customer Onboarding

Our ICO platform signs-up investors using their email, without passwords; offering ease of access whilst maintaining the unparalleled security of 2FA validation.

AML / KYC Ready

Do you truly know your customer? ICO Launch Malta integrates cutting-edge CDD software from Onfido and ComplyAdvantage, whitelists new investors with ease, and ensures regulatory AML/KYC compliance.

Full Brand Customisation

Our ICO platform, with your brand identity. Full platform customisation, from logos, titles and taglines; to live chat integration, terms & conditions, and tailored support emails.

Data Export

Compile and export investor, sales and payments data easily as a .CSV file, allowing your team to aggregate, analyse and present your ICO performance data at key stages of your ICO offering.

ICO plattform
Multi-Payment Support

ICOs come in all shapes and sizes. So do your customers. Offer them flexible ways to invest in a variety of fiat or cryptocurrencies using our ICO platforms payment system.

Mobile Ready

Two-thirds of all internet traffic will come from mobile devices by the end of 2018. That’s why our ICO platform is fully mobile ready and compatible.

RefToken Affiliate Tracking

Integration with our partners, RefToken, gives you full control of affiliate marketing tracking and bounty rewards, with the option to reward affiliates in REF, RefToken’s native currency.

Manual Whitelist Procedure

Every so often, an investor may have issues with automated KYC-AML procedures, but you shouldn’t have to exclude that investor from participating in your sale. Our ICO platform allows administrators to manually approve investors at their discretion.

Technical Services

ICOMalta multisig gnosis wallet
Your ICO project begins with a consultation with our technical experts; who will discuss your token concept, and find the best tokenomic model for your goals and the long term valuation of your token.

Before suggesting a tokenomic model, we asses a number of factors, including assessing if your token is a utility or security token offering (as per Malta’s VFA act, or your home jurisdiction), specified token behaviour, lock-up times, vesting structures, post-ICO transferability limitations, burn rates affecting token supply, and target pricing.

Our ICO technical consultants will then propose a tokenomic model, which includes token issuance and allocation, discounting structure for early investors, lock-up and vesting periods, proposed circulating supply, and pricing strategies.

Defining your tokenomic strategy at an early stage is crucial to the long-term success of your ICO; potentially affecting long-term price and value. A robust token strategy provides the basis for a steady increase in value, supported by solid fundamentals.

We also offer a number of other technical services, which can be integrated with, or built upon, your successful ICO sale.

smart contract development

Custom Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are self-executing contracts on the blockchain, which experts believe may be the future of business innovation.

ICO Launch Malta’s experts will develop your smart contract, with integrated KYC-AML, automated investor whitelisting and multi-tier models within our ICO platform. Our code is developed in-house by our expert team of blockchain developers, so unlike outsourced development on other ICO platforms, we can offer this service at a significant price advantage.

Our smart contracts have undergone rigorous third party audits, however, the client may opt for a second independent audit; as well as running a bug bounty program to validate security with a wider test-base.

Once your smart contract is signed-off, our development team will deploy and test its functionality to ensure that it performs as intended. With your smart contract ready to go, you can launch via our ICO platform.


Bounty Tracking

Bounty schemes and affiliate marketing are a great way to get your ICO noticed and attract new investors, but tracking and paying affiliates can be time-consuming.

Our ICO platform features full bounty and affiliate program tracking, built on the technology stack. RefToken provides independent, third-party token sale attribution from within the ICO platform, tracing affiliate and bounty referrals.

Our integration with RefToken provides your ICO with the option of issuing bounty payments in REF, RefToken’s ERC20 token, instead of your ICOs native token. Paying affiliates in REF offers stability to your tokens value, by reducing bearish pressure caused by bounty hunters selling their rewards once your token begins to trade.

Bounty Tracking

Bank transfer support

Our ICO platform features integrated bank wire functionality, facilitating the participation of institutional investors, venture capitalists, crypto and mutual funds and ultra-high net worth individuals; who may not routinely hold Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies required to take part in your token sale.

By offering fiat payments through our ICO platform, your ICO will gain exposure to a wider clientele, potentially raising higher levels of capital and bringing you closer to your hard cap.

Stuck for ICO banking options? We can help you out on that front too.

multi signature wallet

Multi Signature Wallet

The security of investors funds is a top priority, both for you as a token issuer, and for ICO Launch Malta as an ICO platform provider. Filling investors with assurance that their funds are held in a secure and responsible manner instills both trust in your ICO and meets regulatory requirements.

That’s why we provide all of our ICO clients with a robust, multi-signature, ERC-20 compatible wallet which carries an impeccable security record.