The very first stage of an ICO project begins with the client’s token proposed use case being assessed, with one or more proposed tokenomic models being proposed. The primary factors to be taken into consideration are whether the token model comprised a utility or security token offering in terms of Malta’s VFA act or the issuing entities’ jurisdiction’s regulatory regime, any specific token behaviour to be implemented in the ICO platform, any lock-ups, vesting structures, post-ICO transferability limitations or burn rates that would impact the token’s circulating supply, and target pricing. The proposed token model will be presented which will cover:

  • Token issuance
  • Token allocation
  • Token lock-ups and vesting periods (for staff, founders etc)
  • Discounting structure
  • Circulating supply
  • Pricing strategy

A robust tokenomic strategy is crucial for the long term success of an ICO as this has a direct impact on a token’s long term price and value. An ideal strategy prevents the collapse in price that taints many an ICO, and sets the basis for a reliable increase in value supported by solid fundamentals. We will also assist you in building a tokenomic model which will validate your project’s requirement for a native token, and the integration of DLT technology in general.

Smart Contract Creation

ICO Launch Malta will develop your smart contract with integrated KYC and AML protocols, automated whitelisting and multi-tier models on our ICO platform. As all code is developed by our in-house team of blockchain developers, rather than outsourced teams, we can offer this service at a significant price advantage to other ICO platforms. Following our internal smart contract creation and auditing, the client could opt for a second, independent audit, as well as running a bug bounty program to validate is security with as wide a test-base as possible.

Bounty Tracking

Our ICO platform features full affiliate and bounty program tracking built off the technology stack. This provides independent third party token sale attribution from within the ICO platform. Our integration with RefToken, provides you with the option of issuing bounty payments in REF, the platforms native tokens, thereby mitigating the invariable dump of your token by bounty hunters once your token begins to trade.

Bank transfer support

Our ICO platform features integrated bank wire sale functionality, facilitating the participation of institutional investors, VCs, funds and UHMWs who may not hold Ethereum or other cryptocurrency, yet are eager to participate in your ICO. Stuck for an ICO Bank? We can help you out on that front too.

Smart Contract Deployment

Once the smart contract is signed-off, our development team will deploy and battle-test its functionality to ensure that it performs as intended. At this juncture your tokensale is live on our ICO platform and is ready to go live at the predetermined time.

Multi Signature Wallet

The security of investment funds is our top priority. To this end we provide all our ICO clients a robust multi-signature ERC-20 compatible wallet which has an impeccable security record. We can also offer escrow services by licensed government fiduciary agencies should you require the highest level of investor security.