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The Initial coin offering market is becoming saturated at a remarkable rate. Your ICO needs a partner that understands the nuances of this market, and the crucial below the line factors that impact and ICO’s success.

The initial coin offering market is still in its inception, therefore many standard marketing techniques simply don’t work in this sector. For example, due to time constraints an ICO company cannot realistically hope to rank for keywords around their industry (gambling, finance, insurance etc.) prior to their initial coin offering.

Our ICO marketing is a performance driven approach, where we focus on delivering direct investment to their ICO via a combination of PR, Email marketing, SEO, PPC, and social media. We will leverage our data pool acquired over 30 ICOs to deliver results that mainstream agencies simply cannot deliver.

The crucial part of any initial coin offering is crowd sentiment and trust. We are able to coordinate our network of legendary and hero BitcoinTalk forum members, as well as a small army of high karma influencers on Reddit to build legitimacy around your project. This will be supported through positioning your ICO project as a thought leader in major publications, bringing you to the foreground of the ICO space in the shortest amount of time possible.

The above actions are the secret sauce that will make your upcoming ICO a success and all aspects are covered by an exhaustive NDA.


Press Releases published in Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, CoinTelegraph, the Merkle etc.)
Social Media announcements sentiment management
Reddit announcements
Reddit Reputation Management
Display Campaigns (to a data pool acquired over 30 ICOs)
Paid Promotion (to a data pool acquired over 30 ICOs)
Reputation Management
Community Management

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Concept Validation

Got a fantastic concept for a project but not sure if the rest of the world will ‘get it’? Are you stuck figuring out how best to integrate a blockchain to it? Our team of in-house blockchain developers combined with financial, legal and marketing experts will pool their knowledge and provide you with a concise strategy and market analysis to ensure the success of your token sale, as well as that of your product in the long term.

Go To Market Strategy

Writing white papers is easy, implementing them is tough. Our advisory team can assist you in creating an actionable roadmap, with defined milestones for your project. We will feed in commercial, marketing, technological and financial data to define an integrated strategy that will make your project a success.

Public Relations

PR is the silent giant in the initial coin offering sector. Our personal contacts with contributors at news outlets such as Forbes, HuffPo, Inc, The Verge, Entrepreneur and others will ensure that high impact, expert content is published on all major platforms.

Creating Brands The Market Loves

We pride ourselves in creating brands that ‘stick’, driving higher returns through brand recognition and positive cognitive associations. We will ensure that your brand shines with positive sentiment on Reddit, BitcoinTalk and other crypto-comminities.  This sentiment management will be reenforced by organic and paid social media activities to amplify your influence and reach.

Premium Cryptocurrency Placements

The cryptocurrency and initial coin offering space is overwhelmed with competitors vying for share of voice, making it challenging to get mentioned in tier 1 blockchain related news sites. Our personal contacts with staff at these outlets allows us to put your brand in the prime position, garnering the best possible attention from the perfect audience.

 ICO Sentiment Management

Our team of influencers allows us maintain a strong grasp of the tone, sentiment and direction of the discussion concerning your brand. The ICO market has become increasingly hostile, meaning that identifying and removing harmful or malicious content is crucial if it is not to gain traction and cause irreparable damage.

ICO Marketing Strategy

Deploy an ICO marketing strategy that will run through a mature framework of  concept generation, validation, development, testing and implementation. We will develop a marketing strategy that will ensure the best possible impact on the investing community.