A token generation event, via either an ICO or STO, is essentially the first step in creating a functioning tokenomic ecosystem. A new set of challenges must be met successfully after a token sale concludes. ICO Malta provides a full suite of dedicated post ICO services to meet these challenges as an extension of our ICO platform, including:

  • Due diligence financial reporting
  • Converting a portion of the reserved tokens to fiat via OTC trades
  • Getting the token listed an exchange
  • Expanding the community

ICO Financial Reporting

ICO Malta can conduct a Token Sale Audit that provides an accounting of the token sale, a review of participant data, and an update on token storage, security, and distribution. Our audit of the concluded token generation event will meet Maltese ICO Regulations  requirements, confirming that the sale met all ICO purchaser or security token offering investor legal, regulatory, and technical criteria.

OTC Conversion Service

Post-ICO token value management may begin with a move to either burn or freeze coins leftover after an ICO that did not reach its hard cap. Burning any unsold tokens may increase the value of the remaining coins, whereas freezing excess coins until a specific date when they will be released to the market may provide other benefits such as a cash reserve for future acquisitions.

After the removal of any leftover tokens from circulation, ICO Malta can implement a market making strategy that provides liquidity enhancement and price volatility hedging. This prevents price slippage, and offers a degree of price protection from pump and dumps.

A portion of the originally reserved tokens may need to be converted to fiat to cover the project’s ongoing expenses. ICO Malta can convert a portion of the proceeds collected during the token sale event into fiat currency via our institutional OTC account, facilitating the funding of your operations and roadmap.

Seed investors and pre-sale investors holding large amounts of tokens will, at some point, want to liquidate and cash out on some of their profits if not all of them. We can help arrange these sales on an over-the-counter/off-network basis that protects token price stability.

Exchange Listing Approval

You have only one shot to get listed on a cryptocurrency exchange. ICO Malta has established communication channels with the major exchanges. We know what the exchanges look for when they are judging whether a token is worthy of being listed on their exchange. We engineer the process so that, when an exchange looks at your token, everything meets the exchange’s internal proprietary requirements for listing approval.

We know how to negotiate the lowest listing fee possible. Moreover, we have the experience needed to prepare all documentation required for an exchange listing application with the utmost degree of professionalism, giving your token the highest chance of listing approval success.

Once an exchange listing goes live, ICO Malta will provide exchange wallet management and updates integration, and ensure ongoing compliance with exchange rules.

Post-ICO Marketing Services

ICO Malta can leverage and expand the existing community built during the ICO phase with a sustained brand building campaign that may include:

  • Product placement and other brand awareness tactics
  • Advertising
  • PR
  • Investor relations including meeting ongoing token reporting requirements and other communications
  • New investor outreach
  • Strategic adviser review and outreach
  • Industry partnership mapping and outreach

Token holders must continue receiving a newsletter highlighting news and updates. Social media management can help to maintain good public relations. Post-ICO marketing strategies includes frequent blog posts that go further than the newsletter and social posts with informative articles about post-ICO project development. AMA (ask me anything) sessions help investors deal questions and concerns.

We can help your project form new partnerships, alliances, and cross-promotional opportunities. We are a Malta ICO marketing agency experienced with developing a post-ICO roadmap that serves the interests of all existing and new stakeholders. The larger a token’s community, the more recognition and legitimacy it will have. We help to lead the narrative and sentiment around a post-ICO / post-STO project.