The chiliZ Platform

A crowd management environment which lets the world’s 2.2+ billion gamers & 380+ million esports fans take a meaningful, active hand in guiding the major decision making events for their favorite organizations.

Inspired by the “Socios” team-control models used by football teams like Real Madrid & FC Barcelona

chiliZ’ blockchain backed solution turns team management into an entertainment proposition in its own right, gamifying voting rights into a trading & re-trading experience in addition to giving fans a tangible Voice to crowd-manage teams, leagues, events & game titles.


The chiliZ platform will power the Global Player League


The GPL is the rst fan-controlled, city-based, globally scalable esports league built for today’s gamer and esports communities, powered by the chiliZ ($CHZ) token.

As the rst fan managed global esports league, the GPL pioneers ‘tokenized team control’, where franchises are guided directly by fan consensus.

Fans use chiliZ tokens to acquire ‘Voices’ in the GPL teams they support, leveraging them to help crowd-manage teams across multiple competitive games.

Unique voting rights underpinning each ‘Voice’ acquired via chiliZ tokens, and realized via smart contracts, allowing direct interaction between GPL teams, events and their fans.

The global esports market is slated to experience 32% growth annually through 2020, but the environment o ers only transactional ‘contact’ for fans. The GPL embraces cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as the most e ective tools to empower esports’ massive fanbase and transform them from passive spectators into active agents who control the competitive landscape they love to follow.