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ICO Launch Malta is located in Malta, a full EU and Eurozone member with an advantageous tax and blockchain specific regulatory regime. Our focus is predominantly on the provision of technical services associated with launching ICOs and security token offerings, as well as the below the line marketing efforts required to build a positive sentiment around your initial coin offering. Our services are complemented by strategic partnerships with MFSA licensed corporate service providers who handle all aspects related to company incorporation, legal reviews, creation of token sale agreements and advisory on the legal and tax implications of your ICO.

Our development team also has the capability to deploy tailored security token protocols, such as dividend tokens (with dividends paid in ETH or native tokens), ones that limit post-ICO transferability to addresses on a central whitelist (a cryptographic register of shareholders), or non-fungible tokens linked to specific physical assets such as gold (a cryptographic safe keeping receipt). So far we have successfully managed to develop cryptographic analogues of any traditional investment vehicle that clients have requested from us.

Our ICO platform allows full KYC and AML (including sanction, PEP, terrorist watch/wanted lists verification).

ICO Launch Malta believes in building enduring professional relationships with our clients. We are cognisant of the fact that every token offering is a unique event and requires a tailor-made solution, be it a startup looking to raise funding for a new project, or an established corporation looking to tokenise their services or assets. Our in-house team of blockchain and full stack developers will offer a pragmatic and secure implementation of your ICO vision, whist our marketing team will create a strong narrative to maximise your raise.

Our areas of activity include:

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